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Evelyn Falk


About Myself, Evelyn Falk

I first started painting in 1995, and the rest is history. I have no formal art training, but have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in various weekend and or weeklong workshops with various artists. I give credit to these artists for sharing their talent, and I enjoy passing this knowledge on to others interested in learning and creating art for themselves.


About Studio62

Having had 2 years of painting experience under my belt, I took courage to go to the local continuing education office of our school division, and offered to pass my knowledge on to others. As enrollment increased, I offered level II classes in our home basement. In 2000, we added an addition to our home, and hence Studio 62 opened for business. Currently I offer classes through Louis Riel School Division Continuing Education, although these classes take place in my studio, students must register with the school. Some of my workshops are initiated by students taking another class in my studio. I send out e-mails periodically updating those on my mailing list of upcoming classes. And lastly, I have a couple of regular weekly classes, where students commit to come on a weekly basis. Some of these ladies have been with me for a while, they encourage and inspire me to continue my education and come up with new techniques and topics. I want to give a special thanks to these gals as I consider them my friends.